Sustainability on all areas of our operations

Sustainability on all areas of our operations

Sustainability is the basis and essence of long-term success. Care for the environment, cooperation with the society and responsibility for the well-being of all stakeholders drive our sustainable vision. Economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability are intertwined in it.

The constant development of the company is the foundation of our business success. The expertise of the staff, which we develop and upgrade every day, contribute to the development of the industry and the wider economy. That is why we have been opening new vacancies for several years. We are aware of the importance of economic growth and social welfare and understand how we can contribute to the common goal.

We always strive to maintain stability and are oriented towards sustainable development.

Environmental responsibility
in a smart factory


Elpro Križnič smart factory is built according to the principle of sustainability. It uses the latest trends in the field of natural energy sources and their efficient use. The thermal energy generated during the operation of the machines is reused for heating.

Electric charging stations

We are planning electric charging stations for charging electric vehicles in parking lots. We teach employees of the importance of sustainability and encourage ecological behavior in the offices.

Our own solar power plant

With our own photovoltaics, we provide part of the electricity from natural resources. When choosing an energy supplier, we also take into account the aspect of the carbon footprint produced by the provider.

Saving electricity

Employees are encouraged to save electricity, for example by saving on lighting and turning off electronic devices when they are not in use. We also take care of economical lighting. In the smart factory, we have advanced smart lighting management systems that allow the lighting to be adjusted according to needs.

Prudent use of drinking water

We take care of the efficient use of drinking water. Employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to drink tap water. We provide employees with reusable bottles and easy access to filling with tap water or machines and strive to use as little plastic as possible (pots, bottles).

Our commitment


We are aware of the importance of each individual’s contribution to environmental protection and follow all legal requirements in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation.

With the environmental sustainability strategy, we pursue the following goals:

  • prevention and reduction of the burden on the environment,
  • preservation and improvement of the quality of the environment,
  • sustainable use of natural resources,
  • reduction of energy consumption and greater use of renewable energy sources,
  • elimination of the consequences of burdening the environment

We have the ISO 14001 certificate – environmental management system.

Responsibility towards society and employees in the smart factory

A socially responsible company

A socially responsible company


We are a socially responsible company. Through transparent and ethical conduct, we contribute to sustainable development, take care of the health and well-being of society, and take into account the expectations of our stakeholders. Our actions are in accordance with applicable legislation and international standards of conduct.

From management to every employee in the factory, we are committed to our responsibility to society. The concept of social responsibility is integrated into entire organization and is implemented in relations with all the stakeholders and the environment, and at the same time it is reflected in the values of the management as well as in the values of the company.

We expect ethical conduct and socially-responsible decisions from all our stakeholders, which we appropriately encourage within the framework of mutual cooperation, when possible.

Management's commitment to social responsibility (PDF)

Certificate of Accession Socially Responsible Employer


The concept of social responsibility is integrated into the entire operation of Elpro Križnič and is implemented in relations with all stakeholders and the environment, and is reflected in the values of both the management and the company. We are aware of the responsibility of each individual to contribute to the common goals of sustainable development, and as a company we implement and encourage stakeholders to implement activities that support these goals.

Our efforts have been recognised by the award of the Socially Responsible Employer (SRI) Accession Certificate.

We have systematically mapped out our actions in all four areas of certification:

  • organisational governance,
  • work-life balance,
  • intergenerational cooperation,
  • health and safety at work.



Relations with the employees

Relations with the employees


In relation to employees, our fundamental guideline is respect for legislation and international standards in the field of employment relations, which we try to upgrade with measures that go beyond the minimum standards, as we arise from the standpoint of respect for each individual, their personality and privacy.

Depending on the implementation possibilities, we implement measures that contribute to better health and easier coordination of the professional and family life of employees. In doing so, we take into account the different needs of each individual.

Our promise

With larger production facilities and a larger and more powerful machine park, we are more flexible, and at the same time we offer you more capacity to realize your needs and wishes.

Technology partner

A smart factory with state-of-the-art technology – Industry 4.0


Strategic partner

Comprehensive service from development to the product.


Sustainable partner

Responsibility to
environment, employees
and company.

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