The Elpro Križnič team represents our company.

The Elpro Križnič team represents our company.

Elpro Križnič is primarily the people in our company. We are colleagues, but also a big family. We have honest, genuine relationships and we treat everyone with respect. Relationships that represent the foundation of good functioning and the possibility of constant growth of the company in the future.

In its 30 years of operation a small family business has grown into a successful business story. But with it also came new challenges. We solve these with our knowledge, creativity and reliability, while at the same time fulfilling our mission, vision and goals.

With conscientious work, persistence and expertise, we also created a new working environment, a smart factory. We take care of it, develop it and elevate it to a modern company. We include a sustainable aspect, as we are aware that everyone can contribute to responsible business.

Bsc. Sintija Križnič
Director of the company

Management and Units

About Us


For more than 30 years, we have been continuously and strategically developing our knowledge, professional staff and technological capabilities. With a clear vision of progress, we realize our set goals – to provide customers with full support in the development and implementation of integrated and innovative solutions in the electrical and metal sector.

We are a socially responsible company. Through transparent and ethical conduct, we contribute to sustainable development, take care of the health and well-being of society, and take into account the expectations of our stakeholders. Our actions are in accordance with applicable legislation and international standards of conduct. And the management of the company is committed to social responsibility.

We carry out our work according to the principle Quality the first time and every time.

Each member of the company’s team is responsible for the quality performance of his/her work and tasks and contributes to the fulfillment of this principle and the principle of sustainability and economy.

  • We offer reliable solutions.
  • We identify and select opportunities for continuous improvement of products and services. The knowledge and experience of each employee can significantly contribute to continuous improvements.
  • We strive for the most efficient use of energy and the best possible use of raw materials and other materials.
  • We protect the environment and prevent pollution.

Company’s vision, mission and values

Our vision

We want to remain a strategic partner in the implementation and maintenance of MV and LV power systems in electrical distribution, industry, etc.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality and custom-made solutions, and products for distribution, measurements and compensation of electrical power, etc.

Company values

On the way to achieving our goals, we are guided by our values related to innovation, credibility and social responsibility.

Quality is our guiding principle

Quality is our guiding principle


Customer satisfaction is the basic principle that is a priority in company’s business process.

We guarantee the quality of products and services at all the levels, with consistent adherence to accepted criteria and standards.

Through monitoring and measurements, we obtain many data and information that help us:

  • Manage product compliance risks
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Successfully implement a system of quality management and environmental management
  • Fulfill compliance obligations
  • Plan successfully
Certificates and Licenses

Facts About Us


of knowledge and traditions


euros of annual turnover in 2021


employees in 2022

30 %

of sales for export


Quality: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015




from 2013 to 2021



Our History

Tomažičeva ulica 18 2310 Slovenska Bistrica
Slovenia – EU

+386 2 292 80 00

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Our promise

With larger production facilities and a larger and more powerful machine park, we are more flexible, and at the same time we offer you more capacity to realize your needs and wishes.

Technology partner

A smart factory with state-of-the-art technology – Industry 4.0


Strategic partner

Comprehensive service from development to the product.


Sustainable partner

Responsibility to
environment, employees
and company.

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