Knowledge, experience and advanced technology enable us to develop strategically designed solutions in the field of power supply. We are experts in the design, development and production of assemblies of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear, medium-voltage gear, LV assemblies and installation equipment for EX environments.

We also provide specialized consulting services as well as engineering and electrical installation services.

SIEMENS SIVACON S8 LV power assemblies

As a technology partner of SIVACON, we offer efficient solutions with many advantages.

A global brand on our market. Cost-effective and ergonomically effective solution – SIVACON technology partner.

  • High standard products
  • Assemblies with proven design
  • Know-how
  • Documentation and resources


  • Operates in the local market
  • Adapts to users
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MV, LV switchgear and


We produce:
  • Medium-voltage switchgear and controlgear for voltages from 1 to 24 kV
  • Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies
  • LV-compensation assemblies
  • Assemblies for the distribution of electricity
  • Non-standard and purpose-built custom assemblies
EX installation equipment

EX installation equipment

In the field of EX installation equipment for explosion protection, we offer a comprehensive service – from the problem or the request to the strategy and final solutions. Our advantage is our own top-quality production program, which we supplement with reliable solutions from respected global manufacturers of EX electrical equipment and hardware.

We are a trustworthy partner for EX environment, that offers a completely safe, high-quality and at the same time financially favorable solution for your production process.

and comprehensive solutions

We implement the design of electrical installations and also more demanding industrial applications in accordance with national legislation and using the most modern controlgear and switchgear.

Simaris Design Program (Siemens)

We use a state-of-the-art network calculation program that works in multiple languages and printouts.

Preparation of floor plan and visuals

We use Simaris CFA (Siemens) software for the design of SIVACON S8 PSC assemblies.

Dedicated technical solutions

For both industrial and consumer oriented products, we use the most modern program for electrical planning EPLAN.

3D drawing option

We strategically consider your needs and, in cooperation with the designer, choose the optimal equipment for you. We draw the solution in ACAD and 3D-shape.

Services in the field of electrical installations, energetics,

electrification of machines and installations

for renewable energy sources

We provide electrical installation design services as well as more demanding industrial applications in accordance with national legislation and using the most modern controlgear and switchgear.

  • Integrated solutions
    We offer comprehensive solutions from project to implementation.
  • Our own program
    We install our own products (distribution boards, cable shelves).
  • According to the standards
    We carry out our work according to the latest standards and guidelines.
  • Professional staff
    We carry out our work with reliable and professionally qualified personnel, and obtained professional exams and certificates.
  • State-of-the-art technology
    We use the latest products and materials and the most modern work technology.

Process of cutting and bending

of flat copper profiles

Our factory operates a fully automated storage system for flat copper profiles manufactured by EHRT (Gantry System). The gantry crane storage system enables the storage, inventory management and automatic loading of copper profiles onto the copper processing line.

Two machines work harmoniously on the line: a punching machine for automatic CNC shortening and punching and bending machine for bending flat copper profiles. Both ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.

Quality and trust




We are proud of the obtained certificates, which prove the professionalism and competences of our staff and the achievements of the required quality standards.

With a process approach, monitoring, management, measurement and implementation of preventive measures, we prove to our customers, suppliers, cooperators and employees that we are aware of the importance of the product and services quality and we are committed to continuous improvements.

Our promise

With larger production facilities and a larger and more powerful machine park, we are more flexible, and at the same time we offer you more capacity to realize your needs and wishes.

Technology partner

A smart factory with state-of-the-art technology – Industry 4.0


Strategic partner

Comprehensive service from development to the product.


Sustainable partner

Responsibility to
environment, employees
and company.

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