Our vision

We want to remain a strategic partner in the implementation and maintenance of MV and LV power systems in electrical distribution, industry and housing infrastructure, EX environments, renewable energy sources and smart networks and to become a strategic partner for companies that need complete solutions in the processing and assembly of metal cased products.

With a wide range of electrical gear and metal housings, we are co-creating the energy image of Slovenia and Europe on the way to the carbon-free society of the future.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality and custom-made solutions and products for distribution, measurements and compensation of electrical power and protecting electrical equipment from malfunctions, with an emphasis on technical support and guidance, while acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Many years of experience, expertise and reliability in the production of type-tested SIEMENS Sivacon S8 switch blocks, custom switch blocks and in the management of complex projects in the field of low-voltage and medium-voltage systems for business and homes, the construction of renewable energy sources and integrated solutions in sheet metal processing ensure a positive user experience and quality products.

Company values

On the way to achieving our goals, we are guided by our values related to innovation, credibility and social responsibility.


Relationships with all our stakeholders are based on mutual trust.

In the relations between employees, business partners and all other stakeholders, we wish to creates mutual trust, as this is the basis for our successful long-term cooperation.


We treat everyone with respect.

Our actions are based on respect for each individual, their privacy and personality.

We value individual diversity.


We offer reliable solutions.

We carry out our work according to the principle “Quality the first time and every time”.


We use company’s resources economically and strive for the lowest possible consumption of raw materials in production and services.

We strive to develop optimal products consistent with the concept of sustainable development, to constantly reduce costs and energy consumption, and to search for new business opportunities that are consistent with our strategy and values.

We strive for the most efficient use of energy and the best possible use of raw materials and other materials. We try to protect the environment and prevent pollution in all spheres of our activity.


With creative team members, we constantly improve work processes and products and offer creative solutions for our customers.

We create an environment that encourages professional and personal growth. We lay the foundations for creativity by promoting lifelong learning and development of each individual and a creative work environment.

Sense of belonging

We are proud to be part of the Elpro Križnič team, which combines the realization of our career goals and company goals.

We are aware that the goals, values, mission and vision of the company are also ours. We cooperate in setting and realizing our goals, because only with the cooperation we can achieve the set goals, the development and the progress of the company. Together as a team through thick and thin.

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