SIEMENS SIVACON S8 LV power assemblies

As a ‘Siemens Technology Partner” we are authorized to manufacture assemblies in accordance with the design verified type SIEMENS SIVACON S8. These assemblies are manufactured for power distribution in industrial large power transformer substations (1000 kVA to 3250 kVA) or as power centers in industrial installations, where there are several transformers operating in parallel on the low-voltage side.


Available in SFD and HFD variants. At Elpro Križnič, we arrange the entire process of planning, manufacturing metal and copper components, and the entire assembly of electrical equipment. This allows us to fully customize the end product to your needs and ensure top quality custom PSC ASSEMBLIES.

The design and production of the MCC is entirely executed with licensed software and under the strict control of the parent manufacturer of the assembly (SIEMENS).

Our assemblies ensure:

  • InA up to 7000 A; Icw (1sec) from 25 kA to 150 kA
  • Ipk up to 330 kA
  • Maximum air circuit breaker 6300 A
  • Outgoing feeders in withdrawable-unit design up to 250 kW
  • Barrier form from 1 to 4b,
  • Protection degree from IP 30 to IP 54

Possible designs:

  • Management and connection from the front
  • Management from the front and connection from the rear
  • Management and connection from the front or rear (“Dual Front”)

Moreover, these assemblies are available in an earthquake-resistant version in accordance with the IEC 60068-2-57 or in an arc-resistant version in accordance with IEC/TR 61641.


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